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What Employee Benefits
Mean for Your Business

Poor Group Medical
Coverage Means:

  • Not sure if other carriers provide same benefits at a lower cost per month
  • Unable to get employee coverage questions answered
  • Losing key talent to other companies
  • Not secure with benefits package

Great Group Medical
Coverage Means:

  • Confident that your custom medical plan has been compared to all carriers available at your renewal
  • Access to a benefits hotline for questions and concerns
  • Retain top talent because they know you care
  • Confidence in being compliant with HSA contributions, COBRA, FMLA, Section 125 and others

Case Studies

Capitol Hill Non Profit


Total Savings

$3,264.40 /month


Huge Monthly Rx Savings

From $3,519.40



to $255.00


Switching to a provider with better coverage for the specific medication needs of one employee

150 Member Trucking Company


Total Company Savings

$6,658.04 /month


Savings in monthly premiums

From $58,454.88 /month



to $51,796.84


Switching to a provider through a Washington Association

Chamber of Commerce with 22 Employees


Monthly Premium savings

$2,000 /month


Employee deductibles reduced by

$3500 /employee


This Chamber continued working with the same insurance provider so no change in coverage type or medical providers for employees


We approached the same insurance provider directly and were able to acquire better rates

How We Ensure The Best
Coverage for Your Needs

Our Process

Process Photos


Consultation to learn your
company's top priorities

  • Do you have specific needs or budget?
  • Any employees who need unqiue coverage?
  • Any issues you've had with your current coverage?
  • What aspects of group health are most important to you?
Process Photos


Submit a request for a quote

  • Fill out  this form
  • Provide employees dates of birth
  • Submit
Request a Quote
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We shop the marketplace comparing 50+ providers, associations, and trusts

  • We identify the top 4 options based on your preferences
  • We compare your current plan to your other options, side by side
  • We make a recommendation
See an Example Comparison
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Upon selecting a plan, we will provide benfits presentations for your employees and team

  • Presentation will occur at your workplace on your schedule
  • Individual employee consultations available
  • Follow up and on-call assistance available all year around
Process Photos


Ongoing services and administrative assistance

  • We stick with you to add and remove employees as your business needs evolve
  • We answer all employee questions that may be more private and personal
  • We manage any intricate claims and/or prior authorizations for your employee

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